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"Its easier to build strong children than it is to repair broken adults."

The P.A.T.H.S. Project is a complete life skills training program 
designed specifically to  give young people a head start on life, emotionally, and psychologically. It's a program that confronts all that is wrong in their environment and teaches them absolute techniques to rise above it. 

Each student will be drawn to a different aspect 
of the lesson. 

●    The discussion format is geared towards students 
      that progress when there is ample explanation. 

●    The groups are ideal for students that benefit from 
      the input of others

●    The case studies are there for those students that 
      always feel excluded

●    The question and answer portions are designed for 
      students that learn best through application

●    and there is so much more!


The language is slightly advanced on purpose. Growth 
starts outside your comfort zone and where some 
programs have chosen to use more urban language or a 
simpler dialect, we view  that as perpetuating the issue.

The facilitator manual is full of notes and direction to ensure 
that the instructor is focused specifically on the principles 
each lesson is trying to teach while giving them room to 
teach their class in away that they are most comfortable.

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